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Start of ICO at Novation Exchange

Start scheduled at 15 UTC of the 14th and close at 15 UTC of the 17th. Only 19 million available on Pre Sale!



Exclusive opportunity to buy cheaper than the others.

Rest assured that we are the best token to invest in at the moment.

We are the only token in this niche. We are in a multi-million dollar market. Come become successful with us!

Token Data

These data are preliminary. They are subject to change as metrics change.

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To generate greater reliability and security in the token
ecosystem, the CryptoFan team will not hold direct
ownership of tokens, i.e. it has given up the use of its
members’ individual wallets to store tokens. In this way,
all available tokens will be liquidised or reserved for
project use

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Benefits for Token Holders

CryptoFan Token is not a simple financial token. It is the governance jewel of the CryptoFan Network ecosystem that brings utility and best of all, diverse rewards to its investors.


Powerful system that distributes dividends to its holders, gradually increasing more tokens and consequently more value to the holders' capital.

Simple Process

The rewards will be distributed on a free schedule defined by the CryptoFan management team. The idea is to hold periodic events to provide dividends in a responsible and solid manner.

Fixed fees

Flat rates of 9% for both buying and selling.

Distribution of Fees

The fees are distributed in the following proportions:

Marketing - 2%, Team - 3%, Liquidity - 1.5%, Development - 1.5%, Burn - 1%

Hybrid Economy

Sustainable ecosystem and that's because the governance token will not walk alone, it will bridge with products in NFT, educational, games and our biggest new feature, the metaverse.

Everything connected

Reliable and Safe

We have KYC, Audit and public team.

Security and Authenticity

Through KYC and full contract auditing, the CryptoFan Token presents itself as a safe asset for investment in the medium and long term.

Rewards for NFT Holders

Owners of any NFT's will have the unique opportunity to receive rewards through their own Farm/Stake, as well as utilities throughout the CryptoFan Network ecosystem.


It will be fantastic!

Benefits for Token Holders

We have a lot of powerful service that you can get. Check for more of our available services in our product.

Dark Bithash

Captain CriptoFan

Black Lieutenant

Road Map

June of 2022: Beta release of website

A fully explanatory website containing preliminary information about the powerful CryptoFan Token.

Jul of 2022: Creation of the official contract on the Binance Smartchain

A fully audited and verified contract. With powerful features, one of them being the possibility of automatic dividend distribution, which will become more evident when the Quota Plan is implemented.

2023: Implementation of the reward system

A complete contract with many features. One of the differentials is the possibility of automatic dividend distribution. Contract duly verified.

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